Kii have re-defined loudspeaker design.

An active loudspeaker of revolutionary design, using a sophisticated crossover design to create constant directivity and a cardioid response.

This means there is literally less off-axis sound bouncing around the room, resulting in clearer, more sharply defined reproduction, you simply hear more than ever before.



Kii Audio's THREE loudspeaker, compact yet full-range, cardioid response, phase coherent, simply superb, a new paradigm in loudspeaker design.

Every pair of Kii THREE loudspeakers is a complete system within themselves, each contains 6 NCore amplifiers, six dacs , six adcs, a properly dithered digital  attenuator and async USB connection.

All you have to add are sources of your choice, analogue or digital.

Imagine your entire system could be just a pair of Kii THREES and a Kii 'control'.

One doesn't even need to turn the loudspeaker 'on', the moment the Kii 'control' is touched the Kii THREE spring to life, so simple , so convenient.

The Threes are completely full range, from 20Hz up, they are also totally phase coherent, their sophisticated boundary filters allow them to be placed anywhere in your room, as each speaker can be individually adjusted one speaker could be tucked into a corner the other in free space.

The speaker's 'Baxendale' tone controls allow you to tune the Kii's sound to your taste.

Imagine a 'perfect' loudspeaker, compact, elegant simple to site and use, imagine the most transparent reproduction you have ever heard, that is the Kii THREE.


Bruno Putzeys created the concept of what was to become the Kii THREE and Kii Audio was created specifically to manufacture that loudspeaker.

A loudspeaker that could not have been made by a traditional loudspeaker manufacturer. 

The design of the Kii 3 requires a very specific skill

set, acoustics, engineering, coding, programming , digital signal processing, skills which traditional manufacturers simply do not possess.

It took a vital new company working from a blank piece of paper to create the Kii THREE.

A real sea-change in loudspeaker design,  a significant improvement in sound quality, the Kii THREE are the future of loudspeaker design.

I understand it is difficult to believe that such a compact design can outperform the most expensive 'traditional' loudspeakers, I can only advise you to book a demonstration and hear the Kii THREE for yourself.

To hear is to understand.

 The Kii 'control' allows you to access every parameter of the Kii THREE,  attenuate volume, select input, you can adjust 'boundary' and 'contour'  filters.

 The 'THREE' has both analogue and  digital inputs so you can connect a  computer or streamer, CD Player or indeed turntable.

 The Kii 'Control' is now available and it has exceeded expectations!

 Offering advanced functionality over and above that offered by the Kii THREE alone, contact us for the full specification.

 The Kii 'control' finally unleashes the full potential of the Kii THREE.


Purité Audio always have the KII THREE in stock and available for audition, just e-mail or telephone to book an appointment to hear for yourself a genuine advance in loudspeaker design.

Kii THREE system, comprising a pair of Kii THREE standard colour, (white/grey) and Kii 'control' £12.990 inc vat

Kii THREE BXT system, Kii,BXT modules and Kii 'control' ( standard colours) £28.970 inc vat.

Custom colours are extra.

Kii Control £1410.00 inc vat

Kii THREE's dedicated stands £955 inc vat.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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