Illusonic IAP 

 Illusonic, quite simply the most versatile, innovative compact and stylish 

component available. Christof Faller's IAP Processors do everything!

Illusonic IAP Processors from Christof Faller

Christof Faller and Illusonic.

Christof created the Illusonic range of processors as a one box solution to the perennial problem of loudspeaker and room interaction.

A loudspeaker may measure perfectly in an anechoic chamber or 'free-field' but once placed in a room the room's own dimensions change everything, almost always for the worse!

The Illusonic IAP processors combine the functions of preamplifier, phono stage, DAC,ADC, every type of interface including asynchronous USB.

Illusonic processors can be used to 'activate' loudspeakers or to integrate subwoofers, and of course the professional room calibration and equalisation service offered by Christof and the Illusonic team is unsurpassed.

The Illusonic IAP will produce the finest sound quality you have ever heard in your room.


Illusonic IAP8

Christoph Faller has created the ultimate one box solution,just connect any source,analogue or digital.

Phono stage, ADC/DAC,preamp,multi channel sophisticated equalisation.

Elegant and will produce the finest sound quality you have ever heard in your room.

Illusonic IAP processors, the 'Swiss Army Knife' of audio components

An Illusonic IAP processor could replace five or six boxes in your system, you can attach your turntable, your CD player, your computer or streaming box, even your TV.

The IAP is the only component you will need.

Illusonic processors are available with up to sixteen channels ideal for multi-channel audio.

Imagine the elegance and simplicity of just your source an Illusonic processor and a pair of active loudspeakers!

The IAP processor will allow you to place your loudspeakers in positions which are convenient for you, your  room no longer dominated by your stereo.

Whatever you  may have read or been told multiple boxes are not necessary for the finest sound reproduction, 'Hi-Fi' should be elegant, convenient, simple enough for the whole family to enjoy at the press of a button.

Typically we would visit your room and perform the acoustic  measurements, those are then sent away to Illusonic who create a bespoke equalisation for you.

We adjust the equalisation until you are absolutely satisfied.

This might include implementing crossovers, integrating subwoofers and adjusting phase and delay.

Bass management ,tone controls the IAP processor can even separate direct, reflected and ambient sound so you can adjust the 'soundstage' of your system.

Multi-Channel capability 2-16 channels

As well as natively playing multi channel audio, the IAP processors can upmix standard two channel into multi channel.

We have experimented here using the Illusonic to create  five channel playback the results are astonishing, even three front channels is hugely impressive and produces a weight and solidity that is impossible with

'stereo' alone.

Illusonic IAP processors

Christof Faller's Illusonic IAP processors form the heart of every one of our systems at Purité Audio.
One IAP processor replaces five or six conventional HiFI components, preamp,phono stage,DAC,ADC,create active dsp crossovers, integrate subwoofers, correct room response, tone controls, sophisticated EQ, async USB, HDMI, multi channel,state of the art up mixing, immersive audio.
Best of all Christof will create a bespoke room equalisation which bring unparalleled sound quality to your listening room.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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