HEDD Audio

Klaus Heinz and Dr Frederik Knop founded Hedd in 2016 in Berlin.

Klaus was formerly the chief technical officer at Adam Audio, Hedd's signature component is their Air Motion Transformer driver.

Precision, power, and innovation,,

Phase linearisation, run by powerful onboard DSP, closed or ported configuration options, a range of loudspeakers for every application.

Home evaluation is the only valid way

We believe that home evaluation is essential, Purité Audio install a complete Hedd system, acoustically measure your room, discuss the implementation of any parametric EQ, linearisation, listen, adjust, listen again until you are completely happy.

Where possible we leave your existing system in place so you can easily compare old with new.

Hedd's extended Main Towers 16x 8"bass drivers are £24k inc vat, (custom colours slightly more) including delivery and installation.

Purité Audio have the complete HEDD range in stock including the extraordinary 'Main Towers', if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our aim is simple,

we represent the finest measuring and sounding loudspeakers and components currently available.

Listen to everything that interests you and then we install and optimise in your space.

Not for everyone.

I just wanted to know what 16 x 8" bass drivers would sound like, now I know, extraordinary!

Hedd's 'Main Towers' won't be for everyone but if you have the space and enjoy laying with gusto they might be right for you.

The extremely low bass might excite room modes, this isn't a problem for the, we can remove any 'boom' with parametric EQ, which is available in ROON software and RME and Weiss dacs.

What does all this mean :-  you hear the finest most life-like reproduction available anywhere at any price.

To hear any of the Hedd range in your own room give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.