Grimm take the LS1's performance to the next level

Grimm Audio's LS1 is an unusual loudspeaker, its wide but shallow enclosure is the direct opposite to nearly all contemporary loudspeakers, it eschews DSP in favour of sound acoustics, signal theory and psychoacoustics.


Grimm Audio LS1BE

Grimm Audio's LS1BE active loudspeaker system, claimed by many sound engineers to be the finest sounding loudspeaker currently available!

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Grimm's mission statement, ' A loudspeaker should aim to create a credible illusion in a practical listening room'.

After extensive research in the anechoic chamber at Hilversum .

Grimm decided that to 'do it right' they would use a single driver per 'way' grouped closely together on a baffle at least 20" wide, which allowed the baffle step to be below 300Hz.

To improve imaging the edges of the cabinet are generously rounded off.

Where to place the bass?

For most frequencies it is desirable to place the sound source more or less at ear height , but bass drivers sited there will create cancellations because of interaction with the floor, the best place for the sub-woofers is on the floor.

The LS1 is designed squarely  to offer the finest sound reproduction , several manufacturers offer the same electro acoustic design with both active and passive crossovers this is not the optimal strategy.

A cabinet designed for passive control does not benefit from active operation, from the outset the LS1 was an active design.


 DSP crossovers done right!

Heavy handed correction exacerbates acoustical problems.

Sharp linear-phase filters cause pre-ringing.

Targeting an exact linear-phase sum can cause pre-echoes.

In short, brute force correction sounds grainy and smudgy, where you hear cymbals go 'splash' instead of 'crash'.

Bruno Putzeys, Eelco Grimm and Guido Tent literally  took a blank piece of paper, examined every aspect of acoustics and electronics and designed the LS1 from scratch to be the finest loudspeaker ever created.

The LS1 is a complete system within itself, just add sources of your choice either digital or analogue.

The LS1BE adds a new purposely designed berylium tweeter and digital motion controlled subwoofers which reduce bass distortion by 30%.

Completely full range the LS1BE with its additional 'dmf ' sub woofers is amongst a mere handful of the worlds finest measuring and sounding loudspeakers.


Grimm Audio LS1BE

Purité Audio strive to represent the most advanced and finest sounding equipment currently available, Grimm Audio's LS1BE easily falls into this category.

Grimm Audio LS1BE complete three way system £27k inc vat.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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