Gradient 1.4, Co-axial midrange and tweeter,  cardioid response, bass extension to 30Hz.

transparent,uncoloured, delightful.      

Gradient of Finland

Gradient of Finland

Jorma Salmi founded Gradient in 1984

Jorma's early career saw him working for Nokia and later Lohja Electronics where he began to investigate how loudspeakers interact with the listening room. Their research revealed that many loudspeakers sounded fine in anechoic chambers, but their sound was dramatically worsened when installed in domestic rooms.

In 1982 Jorma presented a paper at the 71st AES convention in Montreux, entitled 'Listening room influence on loudspeaker sound quality and ways of minimising it'. 

Gradient loudspeakers was founded to design and manufacture loudspeakers for ordinary domestic rooms, loudspeakers which would control and minimise the room/loudspeaker interaction.


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Combine contemporary design,innovative engineering,full range active loudspeakers that work with rather than against the room.


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Christoph Faller has created the ultimate one box solution,just connect any source,analogue or digital.

Phono stage, ADC/DAC,preamp,multi channel sophisticated equalisation.

Elegant and will produce the finest sound quality you have ever heard in your room.

Kii Audio

The very highest quality reproduction,from a system that comprises of just loudspeakers and source.

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Gradient 1.4 in Black

Purité Audio always have Gradient's 1.4 in stock and available for audition, just e-mail or telephone to book an appointment to hear for yourself a genuine advance in loudspeaker design.

The gradient 1.4 full range, coaxial Mid/HF and with a cardioid response.

Gradient 1.4  £4950 inc vat

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'

Quickly Gradient realised the importance of industrial design, employing designer Jukka Vaajlakallio whose iconic design for the Gradient 1.3 became gradient's first export model .

Jorma also collaborated  with Peter Walker of 'Quad' to design and build a dipole subwoofer for the Quad ESL loudspeakers.

Gradient still offer an intelligent dipole subwoofer and crossover which produces clean,controlled bass for passive loudspeakers in their new 'Nero'. 

 The iconic Gradient 1.3 loudspeaker

Gradient's new 1.4

Thirty five years ago Gradient decided not to follow but to innovate, always with one single goal in mind to design a loudspeaker that sounds superb in all kinds of domestic rooms.


Featuring a coaxial 176mm coated reed paper midrange and high frequency driver,developed in conjunction with SEAS.

Contained within a spherical acoustic resistance enclosure.

The 'sphere' leaks 'anti sound' cancelling rear radiation and early reflections from the surfaces behind the loudspeakers.

Bass down to 30Hz, a 220mm long throw woofer, made especially for Gradient by SEAS situated in the bass of the enclosure,extends bass down to 27Hz.

Acoustic design and function determine the shape of the Gradient 1.4.

The cabinet is made from advanced polymer its shape and exceptional stiffness eliminates cabinet vibrations.

The polymer enclosure,available in black and white as well as being extremely durable is easy to keep clean and will remain smart for years.

The gradient 1.4 is exceptionally uncoloured, the most transparent passive loudspeaker I have heard.




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