A new paradigm in loudspeaker design.

 GGNTKT (gegentakt) which means 'push-pull' are a brand new measurement based German loudspeaker manufacturer.

Constant directivity, full-range.

Cardioid or monopole response, almost completely full-range, titanium membrane compression driver in a proprietary waveguide for constant directivity.

Designed to be placed extremely close to the front wall, allowing you to reclaim your room.

Comparing possible new loudspeakers in your own room, directly with your existing system will allow a really valid opinion.

Purité Audio will install and optimise a complete GGNTKT M1 or M2 system, discuss the implementation of any parametric EQ filters, listen, adjust, listen again until you are enjoying the finest sound quality you have experienced in  your own room. 

GGNTKT's M1 in a 'standard' colour or for a small additional charge any custom colour, start at £5500 per pair  including vat and delivery.


One of a handful of the world's finest loudspeaker designs. Purité Audio are proud to be the first UK retailer to represent GGNTKT, as we were the first to stock Kii, Dutch&Dutch, Grimm and Mesanovic.

Their M1 and M2 are creating the new wave of loudspeaker design.

Loudspeakers have to be compared to your current system, in your own room. Switching instantly between systems, allowing you to directly compare, it is the only really valid method.

We have the M1s available now and the completely full-range M2 will be available soon!

Gegentakt M1 and M2

Gegentakt are new and innovative, combining a titanium diaphragm compression driver with waveguide with three 6.5" drivers ( two positioned on the  rear of the enclosure ) for an almost completely full-range frequency response, designed to be placed close to walls to increase headroom and avoid cancellations.

State of the art yet relatively inexpensive.

To hear GGNTKT's M1 and compare it in your own system give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.