GGNTKT (gegantakt) a brand new German loudspeaker manufacturer.

Presenting spectacularly innovative designs.


GGNTKT (Gegantakt) which means 'push-pull' are a spanking new German loudspeaker manufacturer.

Their first release is the M1 a two and a half way design, designed for listening distances between 1 and 3 metres for both professional and domestic listening environments.

A compact design it utilises a 44mm (1.75) inch titanium compression driver and 170m midrange unit on the front and two more midwoofers on the rear.

A maximum 119/121 dB peak level

THD less than 0.3% ( @90 dB/1m)

140 degree x 100% constant directivity

Cardioid dispersion from 200hz-1000kHz 

Almost totally full-range from 39Hz upwards

280/420 Hypex class-D amplification

Constant Directivity through modelled radiation.

In the high frequency region sound can be directed by the use of a wave-guide which matches the directivity of the tweeter to the directivity of the midrange, the result, 'constant directivity' and transparent uncoloured sound.


Purité Audio always have the GGNTKT M1 in stock and available for demonstration.

 if you would like to hear the M1's or any other of our systems  please email or telephone.

Because we have such a wide range of cutting edge equipment you can directly compare one loudspeaker against another.

GGNTKT M1 loudspeakers £5500.00 per pair inc vat delivery, installation and optimisation.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'


The M1 uses a compression driver tweeter with a 44mm titanium membrane, which allows extended bandwidth, smooth and linear frequency response, reduced compression and very low distortion.

The M1's enclosure is a closed design for better transient response, it has a depth of only 140mm (5.5 inches) the speaker is designed to be placed close to the front wall.

Exceptional bass from a compact cabinet,

Extended low bass, smooth and linear frequency response, very low distortion, resonance free midrange ( the cabinet does not store energy).

Fully digital and active,

The entire electronics and DSP processing are housed externally in a smart aluminium enclosure, parameters can be adjusted via the front panel's USB connection.




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