Sep 22, 2017

Kii's and Chromecast Audio!


The Kii THREE loudspeakers aren't 'wireless ' not at the moment anyway, a customer asked recently how hi wife and children could wirelessly stream to the Kiis,


I remembered that I had bought a couple of Chromecasts to experiment with , I tend to conect my Kiis directly via USB to the Kii 'control' but the Chromecast works supremely well with the kiis 'control' , you can either take analogue out of the CC or via its own little cable s/s/dif over optical , pictured above.


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  • keith
    Jul 3

    Chris and Steve from Hedd and CUK Audio ( U.K. distributors) very kindly brought around a pair of these this morning, Hedd Audio’s ‘Main Towers’ comprising main module and two subs per Tower, eight 8” drivers per sub 13 drivers per Tower! Keith
  • keith
    Jun 17 Keith
  • keith
    Apr 15

    Soundstage review D&D’s 8C Keith


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