Dec 23, 2017

8Cs in Germany

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Martijn Mensink ( Dutch& Dutch ) took a pair pf 8Cs to a German engineer for evaluation.



‘yesterday I had Martijn from D&D visit my studio in germany. Their headquarter in the netherlands is about 3,5 hours away from my german hometown. Again many thanks to Martijn to take your time to come and bring me some 8C's to check out!


In my studio I am usually listening through Barefoot mm35 gen2's that are working together with an Adam Sub24. Both systems are being controlled by a Trinnov ST2 Pro including Frequency, Amplitude, Phase and running time correction. My room is pretty well dammed and symmetrical but not big, so I couldn't get the Barefoots to produce the right low end I am looking for. In fact I had the bigger MM27's before but swapped them because I believe they were too big for my room. Also I must admit that I am a bass addict, because I am composing and producing a lot of music for the clubs, so bass heavy content is pretty important and I need to feel that bass sometimes, somehow.


ok back to the topic. So yesterday, Martijn installed the 8C's (I have motorized speaker stands, so we could set them up perfectly with just pressing some knobs ). Then Martijn measured my room and set up some fine tuning eq settings inside the web frontend of the 8C's to flatten the frequencies some more. After that we had some proper listening! I was immediately amazed by the mid range information and resolution the 8C's are revealing. Also the sweet spot was much wider compared to my barefoots. The 8C's do in fact sound much bigger as they are, they sound like BIG main speakers, the phantom center is solid as a rock. It's like you are listening to a wall of sounds in front of you instead of 2 speakers. The highs are crisp but not screaming at you. Now about the bass. I must say that I was/and am very impressed about the low end the 8C's are able to produce! You can definitely hear all bass information down to 30 hz and if you turn the volume up, the pressure is there!


But for me as a bass fetishist, it was not yet enough, I think I was missing a couple db's of the very low end, so we set up my adam sub to enhance the low end for the 8C's slightly, I am now able to turn on/off the sub with a button on my Dangerous Monitor ST. So if I wanted to "feel" the bass I was already hearing in the 8C's I could reach for that sub button.


Martijn was so kind to leave the 8C's in my studio to keep on checking them out in my daily work. Many thanks for that mate, much appreciated! I am not sure if you can have them back! I guess I am about to fall in love again. Those 8C's definitely ROCK!

Dec 23, 2017



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