Jan 6, 2018

BM64 Mic input issues



I'm trying to connect a mic input into the BM64 module to test the sound quality of the switch from an A2DP profile to an HFP/HSP during a phone call, and to gauge whether or not it's possible for auto-switching to occur as soon as noise is picked up by the mic (as an intercom mode).

Currently, we're hardwiring the module onto a breadboard (Attached) to get a working prototype, but nowhere on the chip can I find the ports TP1 and TP3 as suggested by the reference circuit diagram (Also attached).

What should be my next step for getting audio into the chip so that it can be heard by a receiver on the other end of the phone?

Please help.



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References: http://www.microchip.com/forums/m1015300.aspx


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