Dutch & Dutch 8C.

Dutch&Dutch 8C 

completely full-range, phase coherent, cardioid response,

boundary coupled, wide even 


Scintillating, simply scintillating.

The closest thing to 'real life'.


Dutch&Dutch 8C.

 Dutch & Dutch are a brand new technology driven manufacturer based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands their offices are actually three metres below sea-level!

Their 8C monitor is the culmination of seven years worth of research and the combination of acoustic and electrical engineering and the inclusion of the latest digital signal processing has created, in my opinion the finest sounding loudspeaker currently available.

The 8C active loudspeaker is a revolutionary design, combining the very latest thinking in electronics, acoustics, digital signal processing and 

 advanced room integration with network based control and integration. 

Resulting in clearer, more sharply defined reproduction.

The 8C is one if not the best measuring loudspeakers currently available.

The 8C active loudspeaker is a revolutionary design, yet it is simplicity itself to adjust, its proprietary Clerk-powered software ensures all the controls are at your fingertips.

The 8C enjoys being placed close to rear walls, its output can be adjusted so you never have to endure 'one-note' or 'boomy' bass.

The 8C is completely full-range ,bass response is spectacular, muscular yet articulate, completely phase coherent, with a cardioid response that extends through the midrange into the bass frequencies.

The 8C's in-built tone and 24 EQ filters allow you to adjust the speaker's response exactly to your taste, also allowing you to cure any room mode issues simply and effectively.

Wide, even dispersion allows you to listen off-axis and yet still enjoy the same quality of sound reproduction as when you are sitting directly on axis.

Three 8" drivers, the two covering bass response situated on the rear panel, ensure full range  down to 20Hz at only -3dB.

The combination of full-range, cardioid response, complete phase coherence, boundary coupling, sophisticated boundary filtering and constant directivity makes the 8C  in my opinion the finest sounding loudspeaker available, at any price!


Dutch&Dutch 8C.

The 8C has a revolutionary cabinet design which allows the speaker to have constant directivity from 100Hz upwards, this means less off axis response and a clearer sharper sound.

Literally less off-axis bass is propagated into the room, the bass you hear will be sharp,clearly defined with no overhang or 'boom'.

The mixture of complete transparency, full range response, unbelievably tight bass and wide, even dispersion is beguiling.

They really are superb loudspeakers.

Constant directivity results in superb neutrality, precision and in-room tonal balance.

Bass frequencies are handled by 500 watts of amplifier power, two high excursion drivers employ boundary loading for maximum precision and impact.

Cardiod dispersion's greatest benefit is to the upper bass and lower mid-range where discrete reflections can lead to comb filtering and audible colouration.


Dutch & Dutch's 8C is  real step-change in loudspeaker design.


Dutch&Dutch 8C.

Purité Audio always have the 8C in stock and available for demonstration.

 if you would like to hear the 8C or any other of our systems  please email or telephone.

Because we have such a wide range of cutting edge equipment you can directly compare one loudspeaker against another.

Dutch&Dutch 8Cs £10,950 per pair inc vat delivery, installation and optimisation.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'




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