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KEF, innovation, heritage, superb sound quality from a diminutive loudspeaker.

Transparent, neutral,uncoloured.

Purité Audio are delighted to welcome KEF loudspeakers

KEF's new 'active' and ' wireless' LS50's fit exactly our belief in excellence and innovation. We believe that KEF's  active and passive 50's are the perfect  loudspeakers  for contemporary living, compact, versatile, yet offering extremely high quality sound reproduction.

A loudspeaker 'system' that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family, everyone can enjoy high quality reproduction for films, television, speech and of course music!


Raymond Cooke founded KEF in October 1961 because he was dissatisfied with the quality of loudspeakers that were then available.

KEF have been in the vanguard of loudspeaker innovation ever since. Pioneering the use of synthetic polymers for drivers, and the first manufacturer to use computers for testing and design. Latterly KEF have developed the sensational 'Uni-Q' point source co-axial driver.

KEF's LS50 monitors were inspired by the legendary LS3/5a  designed and developed in conjunction with the BBC.

The LS50 brings studio quality sound into your room, designed to sound wonderful even in the smallest of spaces.


KEF LS50 active and passive versions

Purité Audio will always have both the passive and active versions of KEF's superb LS50's in stock and available for audition, come and compare the active and passive versions for yourself.

Or take the opportunity to compare the LS50 to any other other of our fine active loudspeakers.

Just e-mail or telephone to book an appointment to hear for yourself a genuine advance in loudspeaker design.

KEF, innovation and excellence

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'

KEF LS50 actives

 The KEF LS50 'wireless' and LS50  passive brings clear, accurate and transparent sound reproduction to your home, cabinet vibration and sound radiation resonance are all eliminated by KEF's clever acoustic design.

The LS50's construction includes, a compact FEA-designed enclosure, featuring constrained layer damping, internal bracing, a precision engineered curved baffle and elliptical sound port.

The LS50's UNI-Q technology places the tweeter in the centre of the bass/midrange cone, creating a 'virtual point source', creating an accurate and three dimensional sound stage.

DSP design for the ultimate crossover

The 'wireless' LS50 uses DSP in its crossover to ensure perfect time alignment.

Amplification is provided by  2 X 230 - watt amplifiers built in to every LS50 , each channel has its own 24 bit/ 192kHz dedicated DAC and ADC per channel to ensure an extremely high resolution signal path'

The LS50 'wireless' is a complete system within itself all you have to add is the source of your choice, digital or analogue.

The 'wireless' LS50 is simple to set-up, elegant in its operation, literally plug and play, just connect to a power source and a music source of your choice.

Selectable EQ allows you to place the loudspeakers wherever you choose, you can connect almost any source to the LS50's 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi, bluetooth, asynchronous USB , optical and RCA analogue.



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