Furch Guitars

Furch guitars are hand made in Prague, Czechoslovakia

They are simply exquisite


Furch Guitars exquisitely manufactured in Prague, Czecholslovakia


The very highest quality reproduction,from a system that comprises of just loudspeakers and source.

excellence and innovation purite audio the very best

Combine contemporary design,innovative engineering,full range active loudspeakers that work with rather than against the room.

Our Products

Kii Audio


Illusonic IAP8

Christoph Faller has created the ultimate one box solution,just connect any source,analogue or digital.

Phono stage, ADC/DAC,preamp,multi channel sophisticated equalisation.

Elegant and will produce the finest sound quality you have ever heard in your room.

Kii Audio's Kii THREE available at Purité Audio
Kii Audio's Kii 'control' now at Purité Audio London
Kii Three loudspeakers a major advance in loudspeaker design at Purité Audio now
Purité Audio's Kii THREE loudspeakers in mineral grey metallic

Furch 'Yellow' Spruce, Rosewood

Play the Furch range of guitars for yourself, in calm, relaxed and elegant demonstration studios at Purité Audio.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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