Cessaro Horn Acoustics

Cessaro, the very reason Purité Audio exists, it is then rather sad to be removed as their representative of twelve years without even the courtesy of an email.

Our superb 'Liszt' four way horns are now 'for sale'.

Exquisite Design, superlative sound quality

Horn loudspeakers aren't for everyone, physics demands that for a full range response horns have to be large, really, really large.

Their drivers, should be compression designs of the very finest quality, Cessaro use TAD drivers from Japan, the finest measuring available.

TAD were designed for professional audio, used in many of the very finest recording and mastering studios, they are superb drivers.

Cessaro use their 703 tweeter, 4001/4003 midrange , 2001/2002 upper mid and TAD's TL-1601 15" dynamic driver.

Cessaro take the finest TAD drivers and marry them to massive dual skinned horns ,the horns are filled with liquid polymer, the result is a completely non-resonant horn.

Pictured right is the 'baby' of the Cessaro range the two-way Cessaro 'Chopin'.

Pictured right is Cessaro's 'Wagner' which utilises the new carbon/fibre glass horn construction.


The very highest quality reproduction,from a system that comprises of just loudspeakers and source.

excellence and innovation purite audio the very best

Combine contemporary design,innovative engineering,full range active loudspeakers that work with rather than against the room.

Our Products

Kii Audio


Illusonic IAP8

Christoph Faller has created the ultimate one box solution,just connect any source,analogue or digital.

Phono stage, ADC/DAC,preamp,multi channel sophisticated equalisation.

Elegant and will produce the finest sound quality you have ever heard in your room.

Ralph at Cessaro doesn't enjoy compromise , everything Cessaro make contains the finest parts, the least resonant, the 'proper' method of construction, the speakers are massively heavy the cabinet of my 'Liszts' is 36mm deep, dual layer composite, sandwiched in-between is a visco-elastic membrane to absorb resonance.

The Liszts weigh over a ton, it took four men just  to lift the mid-range horn to the main speaker.

The result, the most life-like reproduction you will hear, anywhere at any price.

Cessaro Alpha, Chopin and Affascinate

Cessaro loudspeakers are completely bespoke, you can choose any colour scheme you desire, whether in high gloss or  real wood veneers.

Horns can be configured to be in a vertical or horizontal format, the pair of Cessaro 'Beta's' shown above have  horizontal front loaded bass horns, bronze metallic horns with Macassar Ebony veneer panels.

Cessaro 'Gamma' five way

The Cessaro 'Gamma' I suppose is the ultimate, a five way design, front loaded horns throughout, each bass horn is the size of a grand piano.

They are the closest approximation to 'live' sound that I have heard.

A large room is a necessity and fairly deep pockets, and a sturdily built house as each pair weigh over two tons .

But if you want the ultimate.... have a room large enough... and can afford them, they are the finest loudspeakers produced.

Purite Audio, excellence ,innovation, honesty,integrity.

Cessaro 'Liszt' four way horns, semi-active completely full-range

These are our black gloss Cessaro 'Liszt' four ways.
Mid-range horns are off white, they are superb loudspeakers, if you would like to hear Cessaro for yourself just give Purité Audio a ring or drop us an e-mail.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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