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February 8, 2017

If you really want to impartially compare two audio products, there are two conditions that must be fulfilled, you really shouldn't know which component you are listening to ,so the comparison should be un-sighted.

The second is the outputs of both devices should be level-matched to within .1dB.

Your brain hears something louder and most always assumes louder equals better.

 I would like to thank Serge Auckland for all of his technical assistance, he recommended a voltmeter with the correct range, which would be suitable for my purpose.

The meter used is a REK RVT-322 available for around £100  from Ebay. It is a dual channel un...

February 7, 2017

Just arrived Kii THREE's in light metallic silver,

 Set-up in preparation for the arrival of our first 'Kii control' ,the remote for the Kii THREE which can be used to control all of the Kiis' functions, and even some that are not currently actionable, for example the Kiis have an 'auto-off' function, which can be turned off via the remote.

The Kii 'control ' should really have been released with the speakers because it turns the Kiis into a complete system ,everything is already built in, preamp ,power amps, dacs,adcs, volume attenuation , latency mode, boundary and contour filters .

 Now it is no longer necessary to reach behind t...

February 6, 2017

Purité Audio's first pair of Dutch&Dutch loudspeakers arrive this week, their 8C model, Martijn Mensink is D&Ds acoustician and designer of the 8C,we were discussing the specification of the 8C and whether the addition of a subwoofer would be beneficial even though in standard form the 8C extends down to 20Hz at only -3dB, below Martijn's reply.

In theory the advantage of a cardioid is that it excites more modes (it is both a velocity source and a pressure source), whereas a dipole (velocity source) and a monopole (pressure source) excite fewer modes but transfer more energy to them. In my experience this might indeed be an ad...

February 4, 2017

I first heard Christof Faller's 'Illusonic' processors at the Munich Hi-End show, Christof was demonstrating a simple three speaker multi channel set-up, using the Illusonic IAP processor to switch between two speaker 'stereo' and three channel ,the Illusonic has a clever 'up mix' facility that allows you to up mix ordinary CDs into multi-channel.

The Illusonic can up-mix or play multi-channel files natively,  just one of its innovative features.

The difference when Christof switched to 'tri-field' was incredible, the soundstage was solid,palpable, ordinary stereo seemed flat in comparison.

When our first Kii THREEs arrived i was ke...

February 1, 2017

Our new Benchmark AHB2 amplifier arrived yesterday in Darth Vader black,

Benchmark uses 'feed-forward error correction' technology developed and patented by THX.

THX were formed as part of Lucasfilm!

It is a 100 watt amplifier into 8ohms, 190 into 4ohms, benchmark claim it is has the lowest noise and distortion of any amplifier available.

Its specs are truly fantastic, very high damping factor means it will drive any speaker no matter how 'difficult' a load.

In operation it is silent,completely silent which is important of me as I use it with a pair of very efficient Cessaro horn loudspeakers.

In operation it is a joy,it is compact, re...

January 30, 2017

 Excitement reaches fever pitch as D&D release new photographs of the 8C, the cabinet has been slightly redesigned one slot instead of two and there are changes around the back too!

 I really hope these live up to the hype, in white too for that extra WAF ( fat chance)

More actual photographs of 'our' pair as soon as they arrive. I believe that this new breed of loudspeakers personified by the 8C,Kii THREE and B&O's Beolab 90 point the way to the future of audio.


January 26, 2017

The Avantgarde 'Zero' horns arrived this morning, the design and execution of the packaging is excellent the speakers themselves exude quality, I am not sure from which material they are manufactured ABS perhaps but they look and feel great.

Convert kindly lent me the semi-passive versions, bass is active and the mids and treble can be driven by the amp of your choice. I used Benchmarks AHB2 amp and the Illusonic IAP processor as preamp, files were Tidal via ROON.

 Here are the Zero's next to the Cessaro 'Liszt' ,

The Zero's are extremely versatile in that the bass can be adjusted, Avantgarde can supply a room correction kit, microp...

January 24, 2017

Bruno Putzeys and kii Audio at the annual Gydotron show in Antwerp, Bruno is wearing a particularly fetching cable sweater.

January 23, 2017

Purité Audio ,the most progressive and innovative Hi-Fi 'consultant' in the whole world welcomes Avantgarde-acoustic's 'ZERO' horn loudspeakers!

I heard these on their release in Munich what four years ago, I spoke to Holger of Avantgarde about them at the time.

Avantgarde have just released a semi-passive version of the Zero, the original was completely active, they arrive Wednesday.

 Until now the only horn loudspeakers that have crossed Purité Audio's threshold have been another german manufacturer, 'Cessaro'.

Very much looking forward to hearing the Zero's here, I will be using Benchmark's AHB2 power amplifier to drive the p...

January 22, 2017

Dutch & Dutch as their name would suggest are a young technology led loudspeaker manufacturer based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, their offices are actually 10 metres below sea level!

Purité Audio receive our first pair of their 8C monitors next week, the 8C measurements are to say the least spectacular, the best I have ever seen, better perhaps than even the Kii THREE's!

 Here are 'our' 8C's on the bench, Dutch&Dutch are are one of the new generation of loudspeaker manufacturers,they are not hide bound by any traditional ideas or by their own existing loudspeaker range.

 Dutch&Dutch, kii Audio and Bang & Olufsen ( their Beo...

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