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March 24, 2017

Two snippets that you might find entertaining, firstly the excellent Phil Ward has reviewed our Manger c-1 active monitors for 'Sound on Sound magazine that review can be found here


And Trevor Butler visited Dutch&Dutch in Rotterdam, his article for 'The Ear' can be found here.


Dutch & Dutch's new and hopefully superb ( their measurements look absolutely superb) loudspeakers should be with us soon!

Contact Purité Audio for a demonstration of either Manger's superb c-1 ,Dutch's 8C or any other of the excellent loudspeakers we hav...

I have re-arranged the passive treatment in the 'Cessaro Liszt' room, we use RPG's Modex panels and  membrane corner traps, Christof ( Illusonic ) has just introduced some improvements to his room measuring/correction software including distortion measurements and a 'virtual' headphone facility which allows him to 'listen' to my room even though I am here and he is 'there' in Switzerland.

 The Illusonic processor is really easy to use, it must be because even I can manage it!

You need a microphone I use a variety but the sexiest is my new iSEM 7150-EMX an interface the Behringer is £40 delivered.

 You need a computer Mac o...

'What Hi-Fi' while not my preferred audio related literature has reviewed Benchmark's new DAC3.

The DAC3 really is the hub of a modern Hi-Fi, you can attach all your sources to it ,digital and analogue

It has variable analogue output, a sophisticated analogue/digital attenuator a smart remote ,included is a headphone amplifier, it is a  21st Century preamp.


 Benchmark's superb new DAC3 is permanently available for evaluation at Purité Audio, London


March 3, 2017

I have been using Benchmark's AHB2 stereo amplifier in my system for a couple of months, the AHB2 replaced a pair of Mola-Mola's 'Kaluga' monoblocs which I rate extremely highly.

I was worried that the Benchmark would be a downgrade...

The Benchmark contains some very interesting new technology including THX's - patented Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology to achieve high efficiency and incredibly low distortion.

Combining Class-H and Class A/B with feed-forward error correction.

Each channel has a main A/B amplifier and an ultra clean low power auxiliary error-correction amplifier.

The THX system ensures that both amplifiers are co...

February 25, 2017

Horns, their part in my downfall!

 I had never heard horn loudspeakers, I had always imagined 'pipe and slippers' , thick cable knitwear , they were just 'odd' I had always owned mainstream loudspeakers from the major manufacturers.

I auditioned a turntable and the distributor used a pair of Avantgarde 'Trios' at that time one of the very few horn loudspeakers available in the UK.

There was something very beguiling about their sound, the way they filled the room, quite literally filled the room.

I mentioned my experience online and someone suggested that I should check out a new German  horn manufacturer 'Cessaro'. 

I wrote...

I saw this the other day, a manufacturer recommending a 600 hour 'burn-in' period!

What elements in modern electronics can possibly take 600 hours to 'burn-in'?

What does 'burn-in' even mean, does the manufacturer expect the specifications of components to change, and if they do why can't they deliver a product which has already reached its operational specification.

These products nearly always seem to improve after 'burn-in' hardly ever do you hear of a product's sound quality worsening!

I even saw an 'isolation' device for  which the manufacturer recommended a short 'burn-in' period!

 I would like to collate all the most ridiculous...

February 17, 2017

One of my favourite websites is 'archimago.blogspot.co.uk'.

Archimago really cuts through the usual 'audiophile' BS.

The site is full of interesting articles, including comparative measurements,everything from 

IPhones, to MQA,comparing hugely expensive amplifiers to relatively inexpensive units.

Updated regularly it is a really worthwhile read.


My other recommendation are the hugely informative videos produced by Monte Montgomery,

'Digital show and tell'



'a digital media primer'


Both videos explode many of the digital FUD spread around by the 'din...

February 14, 2017

We have a number of  fine measuring loudspeakers here, the Kii THREE, Grimm LS1,ATC SCM50 ASL, Manger Audio's c1, PSI and very soon Dutch&Dutch's brand new 8C active monitors.

I thought it might be interesting to acoustically measure each loudspeaker in the same position in the same room, all passive acoustic treatment removed.

I am hoping that if I measure each loudspeaker with the same microphone,from the exact same positions we might be able to correlate the 'sound' of the loudspeaker with its in-room measurements.

I will use REW ( room EQ wizard ) software ,I might even manage some off-axis measurements which will be windowed to...

February 10, 2017

Having spent an evening experimenting and having read the manual!

There are some interesting new features that the 'control' offers over and above the standard 'rear of speaker' set-up.

The 'knob' has four functions, volume attenuation, mute/dim ,just touching the knob or any of the buttons turns the speakers 'on', a two second push turns them off, and it used to 'scroll' through the menu.

Coax nut is up to 24/192 s/pdif

USB 24/384kHz DSD64/DSD128

There is a neat 'preset' feature, you just set the parameters you require and they are entered, useful if you wish to switch from low to normal latency , select input, adjust contour filters...

February 9, 2017

The new remote for the Kii THREE has arrived and it is good!

Ok the 'knob' on top controls volume,and dressing down activates 'mute' or dim, you can choose which and how much in the menu.

On the rear thee are the additional connectors, USB 2.0, s/pdif, optical.

 To connect to your Kiis, simply insert one end of the RJ45 cable (supplied) into the 'control' and the other into the nearest Kii THREE, that speaker is now your 'master' run another RJ45 cable from the 'through' into the 'in' Kiilink on the other Kii THREE.

I am using the USB input on the control to connect my Macbook to the 'control', press play!

 Really straightforward, you...

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