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November 8, 2017

We/I ( Purité Audio) receive a lot of enquiries asking how the Kii THREE and Dutch&Dutch loudspeakers compare, both in terms of subjective sound quality and objective measurement, mostly potential customers just want to hear what they both sound like and secondly how much they cost!

In the UK at the moment the D&D 8Cs have an srp of £8995 inc vat, Kiis latest pice rise which only affects the domestic Kii THREE versions ( pro models are now £600 cheaper) makes the Kiis close to £11k inc vat, stands are an extra £900 and the 'custom' colours option have just risen again by another 500 Euros per pair which makes a 'custom' colour pai...

September 6, 2017

Alex from Swift mastering popped over and we spent the day listening to loudspeakers, just like any 'domestic' listener Alex has a number of tracks he uses to assess new designs.

Here we were comparing the Kii THREE with Dutch & Dutch's 8C, both fed from Tidal\ROON on my Macbook, it is times like this that I envy Harman and their loudspeaker 'shuffler' which can position a new speaker in a matter of seconds.

Alex had the controls, the Kii 'control' to be exact and the remote for the Weiss INT interface which we were using to attenuate the 8Cs.

The Dutch&Dutch are like the Kiis a complete system within themselves, everything is built...

August 30, 2017

I just noticed this Kii THREE review from 'Tape OP' the reviewer first became interested in the Kii THREE after reading Phil Wards original 'Sound on Sound' review which Purité Audio arranged.


The very latest Kii review by Kalman Rubinson for Stereophile. 


Another excellent review by the ever dependable Kalman Rubinson with measurements by John Atkinson.

Hear the Kii THREE active loudspeakers for yourself at Purité Audio, London.

Another couple of recent additions to the Kii archive, Mono & Stereo featured the K...

The new custom design stands for the 8cs have arrived , the acoustic centre of the speakers is mid way between tweeter and mid-range driver.

I have positioned the speakers 20cm away from the rear wall ( the wall behind the speakers )

from the measurements I made this was the preferred position both in terms of measurement and subjectively.

This plot shows the Kii THREEs and Dutch & Dutch 8Cs measured from exactly the same position

it is uncanny how similarly they measure!

For ease of use I am using a Weiss INT203 to control volume and to connect to my laptop ( via firewire) 

 Both the Kiis and the Dutch&Dutch measure and sound spectacu...

July 13, 2017

The new Weiss DAC501 has literally  just arrived!

 The 501 model is the half case version, a direct replacement for the excellent DAC202, the 502 model is a full width case, resembling the MAN301 Network player, essentially the same dac the 502 has an extra headphone socket on the rear.

 The 501 has variable analogue output which is really useful and a trademark of recent Weiss designs, a separate headphone amp, fancy 'furutech' connectors!

It also has some more unusual features, including some basic room EQ, 'creative equalizer' to tailor the sound to your taste.

 And even vinyl 'simulation' not sure I want my digital to sound like...

July 10, 2017

Not actually that brutal at all, I thought it would be interesting to compare KEF's excellent LS50 passive model to their LS50 'wireless' active version.

The measuring microphone position was in the MLP ( main listening position ) and was not moved. Each loudspeaker was measured at 50cm from the rear wall 100cm from the rear wall and 150cm from the rear wall,each speaker at least one metre from the side walls.

 Above are the measurement plots for the LS50 passive, green is 150cm or 'free space'

magenta is 100cm away and blue 50cm away from the rear wall.

 Above the LS50 active verion, in the same three distances from rear wall,...

The Dutch & Dutch 8Cs have been here a couple of weeks now and I have been experimenting with placement, Martijn ( chief acoustician) recommends placing them close to a rear wall ideally between 10cm and 50 cm, he said that it would improve the 'punch' from the bass and he was correct!

There are boundary settings for both rear and side walls, the speakers can also be used 'free field', 70cm free space is recommended to each side of the speakers, this enables the cardiod response to be most effective, D7D state a 15dB reduction if used optimally!

I positioned the 8cs and the Kii THREEs in the exact same position and measured both sp...

June 22, 2017

At last! Dutch & Dutch's 8C monitors arrive at Purité Audio!

D&D state that the 8C will be your last ever monitor, at my age I really thought they might be mine!

 They are large, four drivers 3x 8", two for the bass ( on the rear) one for the midrange and tweeter, they are active, they have one input which like the Kiis can be either digital or analogue.

They have a very smart app which controls all of the speakers parameters including volume, boundary filters ,EQ, input , output and 'standby'.

 You can adjust the amount of bass and treble and load your own filters/target curves.

Just had a very quick listen, placed on the Kiis stands...

The KEF LS50's have been here a few weeks now and I have ( eventually ) had the opportunity to compare the passive and active ( wireless ) versions.

The LS50's wireless are an absolute delight to use, simply plug the USB cable into your computer/streamer and press play that is it!

Or you can 'bluetooth' a signal to them from your phone or tablet again so straightforward and everything controlled from the KEF remote.

Or you can play any of your stored music from their excellent 'app'.

Sound quality is superb, such a big sound from such a tiny loudspeaker, plus they have boundary filter settings and you can seamlessly integrate a subwo...

March 30, 2017

A customer wrote his experience with the Kii THREE


A mastering engineer who has heard in his room a great many highly thought of loudspeakers,his review really says it all!

These are our latest pair in light silver metallic finish.

 Kii Audio's wonderful KII THREE active loudspeakers are permanently available for audition here at Purité Audio.

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