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September 6, 2017

Alex from Swift mastering popped over and we spent the day listening to loudspeakers, just like any 'domestic' listener Alex has a number of tracks he uses to assess new designs.

Here we were comparing the Kii THREE with Dutch & Dutch's 8C, both fed from Tidal\ROON on my Macbook, it is times like this that I envy Harman and their loudspeaker 'shuffler' which can position a new speaker in a matter of seconds.

Alex had the controls, the Kii 'control' to be exact and the remote for the Weiss INT interface which we were using to attenuate the 8Cs.

The Dutch&Dutch are like the Kiis a complete system within themselves, everything is built...

The new custom design stands for the 8cs have arrived , the acoustic centre of the speakers is mid way between tweeter and mid-range driver.

I have positioned the speakers 20cm away from the rear wall ( the wall behind the speakers )

from the measurements I made this was the preferred position both in terms of measurement and subjectively.

This plot shows the Kii THREEs and Dutch & Dutch 8Cs measured from exactly the same position

it is uncanny how similarly they measure!

For ease of use I am using a Weiss INT203 to control volume and to connect to my laptop ( via firewire) 

 Both the Kiis and the Dutch&Dutch measure and sound spectacu...

The Dutch & Dutch 8Cs have been here a couple of weeks now and I have been experimenting with placement, Martijn ( chief acoustician) recommends placing them close to a rear wall ideally between 10cm and 50 cm, he said that it would improve the 'punch' from the bass and he was correct!

There are boundary settings for both rear and side walls, the speakers can also be used 'free field', 70cm free space is recommended to each side of the speakers, this enables the cardiod response to be most effective, D7D state a 15dB reduction if used optimally!

I positioned the 8cs and the Kii THREEs in the exact same position and measured both sp...

The KEF LS50's have been here a few weeks now and I have ( eventually ) had the opportunity to compare the passive and active ( wireless ) versions.

The LS50's wireless are an absolute delight to use, simply plug the USB cable into your computer/streamer and press play that is it!

Or you can 'bluetooth' a signal to them from your phone or tablet again so straightforward and everything controlled from the KEF remote.

Or you can play any of your stored music from their excellent 'app'.

Sound quality is superb, such a big sound from such a tiny loudspeaker, plus they have boundary filter settings and you can seamlessly integrate a subwo...

'What Hi-Fi' while not my preferred audio related literature has reviewed Benchmark's new DAC3.

The DAC3 really is the hub of a modern Hi-Fi, you can attach all your sources to it ,digital and analogue

It has variable analogue output, a sophisticated analogue/digital attenuator a smart remote ,included is a headphone amplifier, it is a  21st Century preamp.


 Benchmark's superb new DAC3 is permanently available for evaluation at Purité Audio, London


February 1, 2017

Our new Benchmark AHB2 amplifier arrived yesterday in Darth Vader black,

Benchmark uses 'feed-forward error correction' technology developed and patented by THX.

THX were formed as part of Lucasfilm!

It is a 100 watt amplifier into 8ohms, 190 into 4ohms, benchmark claim it is has the lowest noise and distortion of any amplifier available.

Its specs are truly fantastic, very high damping factor means it will drive any speaker no matter how 'difficult' a load.

In operation it is silent,completely silent which is important of me as I use it with a pair of very efficient Cessaro horn loudspeakers.

In operation it is a joy,it is compact, re...

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