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November 15, 2018

Really cool, 8Cs cardioid response in action




February 17, 2017

One of my favourite websites is 'archimago.blogspot.co.uk'.

Archimago really cuts through the usual 'audiophile' BS.

The site is full of interesting articles, including comparative measurements,everything from 

IPhones, to MQA,comparing hugely expensive amplifiers to relatively inexpensive units.

Updated regularly it is a really worthwhile read.


My other recommendation are the hugely informative videos produced by Monte Montgomery,

'Digital show and tell'



'a digital media primer'


Both videos explode many of the digital FUD spread around by the 'din...

February 7, 2017

Just arrived Kii THREE's in light metallic silver,

 Set-up in preparation for the arrival of our first 'Kii control' ,the remote for the Kii THREE which can be used to control all of the Kiis' functions, and even some that are not currently actionable, for example the Kiis have an 'auto-off' function, which can be turned off via the remote.

The Kii 'control ' should really have been released with the speakers because it turns the Kiis into a complete system ,everything is already built in, preamp ,power amps, dacs,adcs, volume attenuation , latency mode, boundary and contour filters .

 Now it is no longer necessary to reach behind t...

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