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November 1, 2019

The incredible Hedd 'Tower Mains' have arrived!

16 x 8" bass drivers, two 7" midrange,two  4"upper midrange and the Hedd AMT ,air motion transformer tweeter and 2700 watts of power.

They are simply scintillating!

 Prices start from £16k inc vat.


Mola-Mola's new stand alone Tambaqui Dac arrives next week, Andy Baker the UK Mola distributor did tell me what Tambaqui means but I have forgotten.

When Purité Audo retailed Mola the first time around this was the product that I really wanted to hear, development literally took years.

Designed by bruno Putzeys and bart Van Lamm the Mola dac is meant to be the cat's pyjamas the very best you can have.

Molas preamp the makua was completely transparent and the Hypex, Ncore based power amps the 'Kalugas' were amongst the finest I have used


Mola claim 'digital as good as analogue' well I hope it is better than th...

December 6, 2018

Kii three versus Kii THREE with BXT module, the world's best loudspeaker just got better?

December 5, 2018

Warwick Acoustics, formerly Warwick Audio Technologies, developed the Sonoma model One headphones here in the UK, industrial design was from their US division, and the Sonoma name is licensed as Warwick's CTO used to work for Sonoma during the period they co-developed SACD with Sony.

The Model one is an electrostatic design using an extremely light membrane developed by Warwick, the Model One also includes the headphones energiser and also built in is an extremely high quality dac.

 Above is the integrated amplifier/dac.

 The headset itself is made from magnesium and is incredibly light, sound quality is really extraordinary.

You hea...

November 15, 2018

Really cool, 8Cs cardioid response in action




November 15, 2018

George Apsion of Kore-Studios asked me to bring down a pair of D&D's 8Cs to West London to take part in a three way speaker shoot out!

George and Mark were charming as was Tom from KMR who bought along some 'Pro' Kii THREEs and some PSIs their 215s.

Kore is a 'proper' studio,it was fascinating to hear all three speakers in a professionally created environment.

George mentioned how important it was that the ambient noise of the studio be extremely low and it was quiet!

George wanted to compare,

Dutch&Dutch 8C

PSI 215


Tom from KMR brought along a clever switch box enabling instant switching and trim for the speakers.

The room soun...

November 1, 2018

I thought it a good idea to bring together all  8C reviews in one place.

Marj and Henk for 'Six Moons',


My personal favourite is this review by Mitch Barnett for 'Computer Audiophile',

it mixes subjective opinion and objective measurement.


Nigel Palmer for AudioMediaInternational,


I know that Jason Kennedy has just reviewed the 8C for HiFi Plus and I will add that review as soon as it becomes available.


 Jason Kennedy's 8C re...

October 29, 2018

Purité Audio are delighted to be able to offer RME's superb range of audio electronics, including the ADI-2 dac and the ADI-2 PRO A/D D/A.


Including the new limited edition PRO FS Black!

RME measure superbly, they are superbly engineered, packed with features and yet relatively inexpensive.

The new limited edition RME ADI-2 Pro 'black ' has just arrived!

March 25, 2018

How do you really achieve the finest possible sound from your system, purchase expensive cables? NO!

Acoustically measure your room ( REW software is free ) we can lend you a microphone.

Actually seeing the speakers' response is always enlightening

 Yesterday I sat with two charming gentlemen who had come to compare the KII THREE and Dutch&Dutch 8C loudspeakers, there was a slight resonance from both speakers which was noticeable when we played an Isaac Hayes track, the resonance wasn't anything to do with the speakers but is caused by air vibrating at a specific frequency, this is simply because of the physical dimensions of your r...

February 25, 2018

A musician friend visited, we were discussing guitars, whether objectively one could be 'better' than another, he said they could!

I listened to a lot of guitars, and I thought that Furch not only sounded wonderful but they were also beautifully built, they are elegant and understated.

We would welcome anyone to come along and evaluate our range of Furch guitars for themselves, in a calm enviroment.

The coffee is decent too!

In terms of price I believe Furch offer a beautifully built guitar, aesthetically gorgeous but

not outrageously priced compared to US 'heritage' brands.

Come and hear for yourself what Furch is about.


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