ATC  Loudspeakers

ATC  traditional active and passive designs, solid engineering you can rely on.


ATC loudspeakers, proudly made in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Sound quality is at the heart of everything  ATC do.

ATC started producing drivers for the professional audio industry in the early 1970's.

 After nearly 50 years  ATC have an enviable reputation, with clients including major recording studio the BBC and even the Royal Opera House.

It is this direct involvement with the professional audio industry including Sony Music and Telarc that has allowed ATC to hone and develop their products, wherever the best is required you will find ATC.


The very highest quality reproduction,from a system that comprises of just loudspeakers and source.

excellence and innovation purite audio the very best

Combine contemporary design,innovative engineering,full range active loudspeakers that work with rather than against the room.

Our Products

Kii Audio

Illusonic IAP8

Christoph Faller has created the ultimate one box solution,just connect any source,analogue or digital.

Phono stage, ADC/DAC,preamp,multi channel sophisticated equalisation.

Elegant and will produce the finest sound quality you have ever heard in your room.

ATC used by industry professionals.

ATC loudspeakers combine accuracy, transparency and incredible dynamics to accurately reproduce music and speech.

Used widely used in recording and mastering suites all around the world.

Our Yew veneer SCM ASL 'classic 50's have a bass response that extends down to 38Hz, they are fantastic for audio and marvellous for home cinema.

ATC have been the 'benchmark' for active monitors for the last 30 years they do not disappoint.

ATC professional monitor loudspeakers, Purité Audio stock the entire ATC range

ATC individually hand make each driver, Super Linear Magnet technology keeps the driver pistonic throughout its passband.

Each drive unit in the active models is matched with its own dedicated MOS-FET amplifier.

Wide band width and very low distortion are hallmarks of ATC 


ATC manufacture their own drivers their superb sound quality can be evaluated at Purité Audio

ATC have recently introduced a new bespoke tweeter, manufactured in house specifically for the SCM50/100 and 150 active monitors.

Coupled to ATC's SM75-150s soft dome midrange driver produces spectacular results and outstanding sound quality.

ATC's newly developed tweeter all of ATC's drivers are hand made in England.


Purité Audio stock the complete ATC loudspeaker range, our Yew SCM 50 ASL's active monitors are always available for evaluation.

ATC have and continue to make the very best loudspeakers available, the complete range of ATC loudspeakers and electronics are available from Purité Audio.

Simply call or e-mail Purité Audio for a demonstration.

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