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Direct drive Monaco turntable by Grand Prix Audio, Triplanar 12" tonearm, Dynavector XV1S or XV1T cartridge.

RIAA equalisation courtesy of Illusonic.


Purité Audio use and recommend Dynavector cartridges from Japan.

Each Dynavector cartridge comes with its own frequency response plot, matching between samples is of an extremely high order,

one XV-1 will sound pretty much identical to every other XV-1 cartridge.

Dynavector are solidly made, they sound great and the UK distributor, John at Pear Audio is thoroughly professional and trustworthy.

Dynavector make a cartridge for almost every budget, I haven't been disappointed with any of their products, cartridges or the superb 507 tonearm.

I have used a number of turntables over the years, the first time I played my Technics SP-10 markII there was something very 'correct' about the sound it produced.

I have been a fan of direct drive turntables ever since.

Grand Prix Audio's 'Monaco' turntable is the most frequency accurate currently available ,peak deviation is 0.0002%.

Its sound is comparable to digital, rotational speed is absolutely rock solid.

Pitch is perfect,it is like listening to digital, the 'Monaco' is completely plug and play, there is absolutely nothing to adjust. 


Grand Prix Audio, 'Monaco' Turntable

Neutrality, precision, accuracy

Unparalleled performance in terms of rotational accuracy, the Monaco is also compact,and completely 'plug and play' there is never any need to adjust the rotational speed.

Just place a record on the platter,screw down the clamp,an LED will illuminate at the correct torque and press play.

Our demonstration 'Monaco' turntable is fitted with a 12" Triplanar tonearm but the Monaco can be ordered with the tonearm of your choice. Purité Audio will fit your tonearm and allign your cartridge.


The Grand Prix Audio racks use correctly loaded visco-elastic material to effectively isolate your turntable from structural vibration,they work we have measured them!

Monaco V.2 direct drive turntable

Dynavector and Grand Prix Audio

Purité Audio are always happy to play some vinyl, bring some of your records along and hear what they sound like through the 'Monaco' TT, Illusonic processor and a great pair of loudspeakers.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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