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I don't enjoy 'about us' pages

I find them  far too 'sappy' but I wanted to explain just how we (Purité Audio ) arrived where we are today, why  we don't sell cables, why we do not sell 'foo' or 'snake oil' products of any kind, why we are an extraordinary Hi-Fi retailer.

I used to believe everything I read in the magazines,everything my dealer told me, continually 'upgrading' to find that perfect system that would allow me to stroke 'Patricia Barber's thigh'   (Romy the Cat) .

It is without doubt in the 'industry's' interest to maintain the current status quo, retailers  sell more equipment, magazines  wax lyrical over the latest and greatest iteration of a product, after all there isn't much demand for a review which states that, one low distortion solid state amp sounds much the same as another low distortion solid state amplifier or that the latest version sounds identical to the last.

 The more I read and experimented I realised that much of what I had read had been if not a lie then far from the truth.

However there are a few necessary requirements for really high quality sound reproduction.


I believe that the room's interaction with the loudspeakers  makes  a huge contribution to the overall sound quality.

By far the  largest sources of distortion are electro-mechanical, loudspeakers and analogue replay at the front and rear end of the reproduction chain, modern low distortion electronics are pretty much blameless it simply isn't necessary to spend huge amounts on a digital source.

 A  pair of fine measuring loudspeakers is essential, loudspeakers are the single largest contributor to great sound quality, the majority of your budget should be spent here.

You can have a wonderful sounding system using your phone /tablet/ laptop or Pi as source.

If you are going to use a turntable , accurate rotational speed is essential. I would suggest direct drive designs, and a cartridge with a flat frequency response will allow you to hear the record as the artist intended.

I fully agree with Toole and Olive that loudspeakers should have a flat on-axis frequency response and the off-axis should be smooth and even and mirror as much as possible  the on-axis response.

Ragged off -axis response is one of the major causes of colouration.

Active or passive loudspeakers.

I believe that the best place for an amplifier is in the speaker enclosure dedicated to driving one channel only .

Active loudspeakers undoubtedly have technical advantages over passive designs.

 DSP ( digital signal processing ) further increases those advantages and open up a whole range of possibilities.

  Allowing the designer  to use steeper crossover slopes, to 'correct' imperfections in the drivers FR, the designer can implement 'boundary' filters which alter the loudspeaker's output depending upon where the loudspeaker is placed.

allowing you to place loudspeakers where you want, whether that is against a wall, tight into a corner or in free space,modern active loudspeakers are extremely versatile.

Loudspeakers no longer have to dominate a room, and it is perfectly possible to use a full-range loudspeaker in almost any room.

The Hi-Fi 'shrine'  dominating  your room is a dinosaur it simply isn't necessary to have box after box to obtain the finest sound quality.

Modern loudspeaker designs such as Kii Audio's 'Kii THREE' are a complete system within themselves.

Each kii 3 loudspeaker contains 6 DACs, 6 ADCs, 6 NCore amplifiers, they are compact and relatively light weight yet completely full range 20Hz upwards.

Their sophisticated boundary filters allow them to be placed anywhere within a room and adjusted until the sound is perfect,even if your listening space is not symmetrical or if one side of your rom opens into another space.

Their unique design allows 'spare' drivers to cancel off-axis response , essentially all of the sound comes out of the front !

The influence of the room is diminished,bass is taut ,muscular with no overhang or 'boom'.

Just add the sources of your choice digital or analogue for the finest sound quality you will ever hear.

I firmly believe that the future lies with innovative designs such as the Kii THREE and Dutch & Dutch's new 8C  active monitors.

If you prefer a more'traditional' system Christof Faller' s Illusonic IAP processors can hugely improve the sound quality in your room.

Christof will create a bespoke equalisation for your room, perfectly integrate sub-woofers or create an active crossover ,or implement a multi channel immersive  experience!

The IAP processors can also replace, preamp, phono-stage, dac, adc you can connect all of your home entertainment through it allowing the whole family to enjoy great sound whether that is music, film or television.

Benchmark have their roots in  'pro audio'  their new DAC3 and  AHB2 power amplifier are superbly engineered the AHB2 has the lowest noise and distortion of any amplifier currently available, light in weight, compact and energy efficient yet they are not hideously expensive .

What  we suggest,

Everyone who is serious about Hi-Fidelity reproduction should acoustically measure their room from the main listening position, seeing the graphic representation of your room's frequency response is always enlightening.

Room EQ wizard software is free to download.

Once you see exactly what the loudspeaker and room are doing together you can formulate a plan to tackle specific issues, better SQ might only involve  moving the position of your listening seat, removing a table or adding a carpet.

A pair of fine measuring loudspeakers in a room which has been measured, considered and if necessary acoustically treated will deliver a very high quality of sound.

It is now possible to enjoy superb full-range sound from a pair of compact loudspeakers, placed where you wish within the room.

A Hi-Fi system that comprises of just source and loudspeakers, a system that is unobtrusive, economical and which the whole family can use.

We are passionate about sound reproduction, we don't want to just offer you a different sound we want you to enjoy better sound.

If any of that sounds even remotely interesting ,get in touch.






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